• Nelson Noa

    Nelson Noa

  • WEST


  • Dredrick Lane Jr

    Dredrick Lane Jr

    A Man with Vision, Musician, Recording and Mix Engineer.

  • Rafael Cordeiro

    Rafael Cordeiro

    AI/Programing/Business enthusiastic and with a desire to learn more about the unknown universe. Writer for The Startup and HackerNoon. A college student at IST.

  • Annukamat


  • Morgan Page

    Morgan Page

    Indie game developer @PlatoEvolved & co-founder / CTO of VR health training start-up @dualgoodhealth

  • The Layout

    The Layout

    We share thought-provoking articles that show you the next step for your business, improve your process, and inspire your design. Brought to you by Flywheel.

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