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How To Become A Web Developer?

So you want to become a web developer, but you have no idea where to start. This is a good question and can raise many confusing possible routes that can be quite whelming.

With so many choices it’s hard for someone to not get confused. From a college degree in computer science, btw is it just me or did anyone else not know that a computer science degree was teaching you how to code…go figure.

Anyways from a CS degree to bootcamps to online courses and all the free tutorials and books, the question does seem to beg what is the best way?

From my experience and perspective I would like to dive into the best route I took and my approach to making a decision.

Before we continue I would like to lead with this one statement when it comes to making any decision. Keep it simple.

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I am front end web developer looking to create breathless moments through Web Design.

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