Marketing As A Front End Web Developer?

As I’m studying and developing my skills as a front end developer there is one thing that I am continue to come across seeing and hearing that I think every developer, or business and entrepreneur, needs to know. How to make your self valuable. In other words marketable.

What does this mean? Marketable means you are valuable, or you add value to the market. But who is the market any way? Any and everyone you’re trying to reach. Rather there is a better term for this– target audience. This means that you specialize to a specific group of people, in other words your niche.

Why is this important? Let’s say you are a front end web developer, or your an IOS developer. You have studied your craft and honed in on your skills to create amazing apps but you have never showed or presented your work.

How then will anyone know what you can do and most importantly who you are. You will just be a nobody in the world of development because nobody knows who you are and what you do because honestly they don’t care about you and won’t even ask. It is your job to let the world know how you and your skills are valuable to them and most importantly the market.

So let’s get into some of the things I have discovered as a front end web developer and some ways you can go about marketing yourself and your skills.

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