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Growing up I never really liked the idea of school.

In fact, I still remember mornings when my mom would shake me to wake up and get ready for school,

those moments were the hardest part of my day, and still is sometimes…

But I distinctly remember thinking to myself that I would rather go to work than go to school,

But that’s a story all in itself, however I still went and time passed.

In the back of my mind I decided that after high school I would be done and be free from this thing called school.

But somehow that didn’t happen…

towards my senior year as everyone was preparing for what colleges to apply for and picking their top schools I didn’t want to get left out.

The only problem was everyone else had credentials and things they did to get ready and prepared for college.

The only thing I really did was sell candy and become the famous candy man at my school, that was fun for me.

While everyone was in school clubs and gaining community service hours and anything you could possibly think of to prepare.

I only thought of selling candy.

Yet I didn’t want to feel left behind, I wanted to be with my friends and feel like I was doing something with my life.

I applied to five schools and everyone declined me accept one.

I wasn’t a complete failure

I finally made it, and I was telling everyone and I was proud I made it…


deep down inside I was scared out of my mind!

Not scared over the fact that I was moving to another state and away from everyone, but the challenges of the workload.

In high school I did ok, but it was only enough to pass.

In fact I wasn’t sure if I was going to graduate due to not meeting all the requirements and my credits, not to mention I was late like every other day.

What can I say I don’t like waking up in the mornings.

And the thought of doing school over even if it’s just for a semester was the worst idea to me.

But somehow I passed and while in college and going to classes I realized something.

You don’t come out the gate knowing how to write 20 page research papers but you learn along the way.

See I hated writing and the idea of trying to fill 20 pages, let alone 2 pages, were intimidating to me.

Ironically I now have my own blog and try to write on a consistent basis.

But something I learned, not through my college classes, is if you want to build a wall you don’t start with a wall, but instead you lay each brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid, then you will have a wall.

In other words you break it up into smaller “byte” size pieces.

Now thats how I approach anything…

especially coding.

For me to learn javascript or front end web development I take each piece of what makes up the language of coding and learn it bit by bit.

Once you know the fundamentals, or the alphabet, then you can create words then sentences and before you know it you are building amazing projects for others to use and see.

So now that you know how I like to take on anything this is why I am creating coding resources for others to use especially kids, or kid minded.

I like to create and learn things in a kid friendly way.

Most programs that teach how to code start with all these complicated ways to learn how to write code when they can be broken down into simple building blocks.

Coding is not hard we just make it to be.

So I guess I’m making it my goal to help create a path for kids to have a leg up on life or most importantly a new perspective like I did.

The project is still in the works and will be available soon…

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