It was around 2007 when I entered my first year of college.

I was afraid of the new challenges and the course load of what was to come because frankly I didn’t do well in high school. I thought college was another level.

The rumors of writing 20 page research papers was intimidating especially when I could barely write 2 page research papers in high school.

Now I originally started off as an engineer major, but along the way I somehow switched to being an art major, as if I knew how I was gonna make it as an engineer…

now as an artist what job was out there for me drawing.

The one thing I wanted in life was to know I could make it on my own and take care of myself.

However that was hard when I had no money or a job to help me out financially…

and for the high paying jobs that were available, I didn’t think my skills were good enough so I didn’t even attempt to apply.

I felt stuck and towards my senior year I fell into a deep depression.

I remember laying in my room in the dark and just kept asking myself

“what am I going to do?”

I had a little over a year before I graduated and I felt nowhere ready to make it in the real world.

Then something happened…

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I am front end web developer looking to create breathless moments through Web Design.

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