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No I Don’t Want Your Cookies

So everybody loves cookies right?

That sweet sugary goodness that gives you that sugar rush when you take that delicious gooey bite of your favorite treat.

But wait, what about online cookies, are these the same thing. What makes up a cookie and why do they even exist? What is its purpose and do they have any benefits for you as a user.

If you’re like me then you probably asked the same questions as myself.

Maybe you visited a site and you get this annoying pop up asking if you will allow cookies on this site?

What does that even mean?

Have no fear, as a front end web developer I want to know all that I can about the web; what its made of and how it works–and cookies are all apart of it.

So I decided to take a journey in exploring all about these so called cookies today. So if you want a taste of these cookies you’ve come to the right place.

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I am front end web developer looking to create breathless moments through Web Design.

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