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The Challenge In Becoming A Front End Web Developer

This post is really an insight on my journey on developing myself as a front end web developer.

Sometimes when you look at others who have become well known or great at a specific skill in their field you can look at yourself and think you will never get there.

Plain and simple it gets hard sometimes guys.

Especially when you’re trying to learn something new it seems like it’s the most difficult thing to grasp.

Its the days when no one is watching and the mundane tasks you do everyday to get better is when it’s the hardest. Nobody sees the frustrations you go through to get one step closer to your goal.

I know learning takes time because you’re literally pushing yourself and your mind to another level. I see it as like climbing a mountain. The new skill you’re trying to learn is the mountain and I’m on the side trying to make it to the top.

Yet, while I’m trying to make it to the top I’m being attacked by all these elements. from the wind, weather, cold, and maybe even wild animals are beating against you. However I know what my goal is so I keep putting one foot in front of the other to get to the top.

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