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The Difference Between Experience And Inexperience For Front End Web Developer

Have you ever tried to apply for a job and you read what the responsibilities and skills needed for the position, and as you read over the description you think to yourself “Oh yea I know how to do that” or “I can do that” Full of confidence and ready to hit the apply button and then you come across the dreaded words…EXPERIENCE.

Ahhhh crap. It states experience 3–5 years.

What if you just got started doing this a year ago or maybe even less. These few words can deter many away from great positions especially if you’re trying to make a career transition. You want to make a change but it seems there is a brick wall hindering you from getting to the next level.

Don’t feel bad many have been here especially me. If you’re a front end developer and you really just began learning code, you’re excited with the new technologies you’re learning and you muster up the confidence in your skills to make the steps to apply. You’ve been listening to podcast and heard advice that there are jobs who need developers and are willing to take a chance if you’re willing to learn.

Then you begin applying and it doesn’t seem to be true. Then you receive an email that says something like “our selection was a competitive process but unfortunately we decided to choose someone else for this role”

You then become discouraged and go grab a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and cry your sorrows away.

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I am front end web developer looking to create breathless moments through Web Design.

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