The Valuable Lesson I Learned at 21

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Growing up I never had to worry about much.

Frankly because everything was really taken care of for me.

Food, clothing, shelter, anything you could think of my mother went out of her way for me.

I know when you first hear that you probably think I had it good.

And it felt like that when I was a kid…

But the reason I was treated like a spoiled rich kid was because I was the baby in my family.

The last one.

What made my mother go out her way to try and do everything for me and protect me from the world only God knows why.

But as I got older I started to realize how that left a crippling affect on me.

She tried to eliminate other things off my plate so I could focus academically, but that didn’t go so well since school was not my favorite subject.

But when it came to doing just the everyday things in life I was clueless.

In fact, I never got my first job until I was 21

When I think back over this I just shake my head in disbelief.

In reality it wasn’t the job that I wanted…

It was…

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