What I Should Have Learned From Research Papers

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If you’re like me then you don’t like the idea of doing research papers.

In fact growing up in school I would always dread the fact that I had to do research papers, especially on a subject I had no interest in.

Ironically enough everything I do now seems to have to do with some form or fashion with research.

I became fond to the idea of research.

If its something that interests me, or I don’t know what it is…

Hello google what is…

You remember in school your english professor would give you an assignment of 5 pages on a historic figure you knew nothing about and it was due in 2 months.

2 months you thought was plenty of time…

until it was 2 weeks before the assignment was due.

Then you find yourself in the library or online pulling your teeth trying to find information on a person you frankly did not care about.

Writing 5 pages about a person you found no significance in was the hardest thing to come up with, yet alone write a paragraph on.

Now that I am older I can see how writing research papers, or rather the process of writing research papers was significant.

“How so” you ask.

Well, conducting research allows you to discover the relationships of why something exists or how it came to be and what it is today.

The only difference is the subject is on something we find more interest in.

For example, when I began learning how to code I was learning it to acquire a skill to help improve myself and my finances.

However as I began getting deeper in the game I began asking more inquisitive questions such as…

Sound familiar?

These are all questions asked during the process of writing a research paper, except now it has more meaning behind it.

We all do it now.

How many hours do you spend on youtube watching videos to later sharing your discoveries with your friends or followers on social media.

Essentially we all have become research scientist.

We find topics we find most interesting. Sometimes google or youtube would suggest topics we might have “researched” before.

We then do a deep analysis, or deep dive, finding yourself spending hours watching or looking up something.

This is best known as going down the rabbit hole (not always good if you have work to do).

You first start watching the trailer for a movie to then watching a video on the food industry on why it relates to health issues…

come to find out that is why your favorite actor only eats certain foods and it helps him to be prepared for any role.

Are you beginning to see how things can be related to each other?

More importantly how you been doing research everyday.

The trail of videos you just watched could have led you to doing more research on how to better your eating habits…

And all you wanted to do was watch the new trailer to the movie starring your favorite actor.

I’ll even argue that google has led us all into becoming researchers.

Google is a search engine ready to answer any question you might have and the websites are the library of curated information that others have thought useful for you to use.

It’s really quite amazing really.

I really wish I knew what the purpose of research papers was back then. I might have taken it seriously.

It doesn’t matter now.

Now I love doing research and finding new discoveries on topics I find most interesting.

In fact I’m conducting a research project right now for my business.

I’m researching everyday how to create resources and tools for young developers to learn the foundations and fundamentals of coding.

These tools will be a guide for young developers to apply, not only in their everyday life, but for their future career development.

I do this because I know what it felt like to be the slow one in school and feeling unprepared for life.

If I can help others be prepared just a little from the research that I now love doing, then I feel like I would have made a difference.

Not only in my life but theirs.

In fact what you’re reading now is essentially the first page to my research project.

And if you continue to follow me you will see the full extent of my findings.

So continue to do your own research and if you find it interesting share it with the world.

There are others like you who will find it interesting too.

I am front end web developer looking to create breathless moments through Web Design.

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