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What is An SSL Certificate and Do I Need One For My Website?

If your like me you probably been online and surfing the web for many years and even making websites and have come across some terms you never quite understood what it meant or what it was for. In a sense you were oblivious to what it was, you just knew it was apart of the web and thought it was needed for it to work.

Well as I began my journey to becoming a front end web developer I made it a mission, or an obligation, to begin to study what makes up the web and why things are on a website and if it’s really necessary.

This post, I feel, finally answers a long awaited question I’ve asked myself for years but never took the time to answer, sadly, but now I have.

This topic, as stated, in the title is the famous SSL. Sounds important doesn’t it, but if your like me you don’t know and today is the day we find out.

Ok to start things off let me ask you a question. If you ever built a website you know that you need at some point to purchase hosting. Has this happened to you? While you buying your basic package to host your site your given an array, that’s a list for those who don’t know–thats a programming term lol, and in this array there were many options you had no idea of what they were asking for or more importantly what they were offering. You just saw that it added to your bill and why would you buy something you didn’t know you were getting and if your were even going to use it.

That’s exactly what my thought process went through when buying hosting. I did this for years and overlooked, or rather ignored, every option. Now that I’m taking web development seriously and decided to embark on this journey and learn all what I can in this arena I figured it was important what makes up a website and what is important.

So let’s look into these options that they give us and dive into what an SSL Certificate is.

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I am front end web developer looking to create breathless moments through Web Design.

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